Custom Garments

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Okenya custom garments are designed based on requests only. 

Before purchasing be sure you have discussed design, dates, and other details with Okenya. 
After making your purchase be sure to check your email within a hour to communicate with Okenya. 

-No work or date will be commence or guaranteed on any item until an acknowledgment that a payment makes this is an agreement between client and designer. 
-Quotes are based on information available at the time the quote is given. Changes made after the quote is given will require extra work and therefore incur alteration fees.
-Deadlines can only be guaranteed if they are made at the initial consultation, and the client gives full co-operation in meeting these deadlines.
-A complete set of measurements is taken at the time of order, and the garment made according to these measurements. Where a weight loss plan or illness/recovery is a factor please let me know so I can plan your garment appropriately.
-Where the client supplies patterns and materials it is the client's responsibility to ensure that they are fit for the intended purpose.
-I reserve the right to refuse to work with unsuitable materials. Patterns purchased by the client should correspond to actual measurements, not ready to wear sizes.
-Where the wrong pattern size is bought extra costs may be incurred in redrafting the pattern or purchasing the correct sized pattern
-Please bring appropriate underwear/shoes to fitting appointments - failure to do so will result in a fitting not being possible and may incur extra charges.
-Clients are requested to telephone ahead to cancel appointments. 24 hour notice is normally required or a charge of £10 is made for each missed appointment.
-Appointments are scheduled for 1 hour from the time of the appointment. Where multiple garments are being fitted then this may be extended. Most fittings take less than 30 minutes.
-I advise buying the quantity of fabric specified on the pattern, and this sometimes means there are small quantities left over. Unless specifically requested otherwise fabric remnants are donated to local schools/charities.
-Please note on this form if this is unacceptable to you.
-The techniques I use are as I see fit. If you have a particular requirement please state this at the outset as this may affect price.
-Payment is required in full on completion of the item(s) or before shipping.
- Changes after completion will incur further charges.
-In the event of the cancellation of this assignment, a cancellation fee will be paid by the client and will include full payment for all work completed, expenses incurred, and hours expended.
-The cancellation fee will be based on the prices outlined in the estimate/proposal.
-Any initial payments that have been received will be credited against any amounts due
-Okenya is not responsible for any mishaps to garments during or after events. 
-Since every piece is made custom for each individual customer's specific measurements and color requests, we DO NOT offer refunds; HOWEVER, we still want all customers to be happy with our services; therefore, if you have any concerns please reach out to us. WE AIM TO PLEASE.


Turnaround time?

Custom Garments

7-15 Business days anything needed before full allowed time to process will require a rush fee of $20 per item!!

All puffer coats and Bubble coats 3-5 business days turnaround 

 Alterations turnaround time?

3-5 business days anything needed before full allowed time to process will require rush fee $20 per item!!!

Gown Alterations 7-15 business days anything needed before full time to process will require $50 rush fee!!!!

Gown Designs 30-45 business days  anything needed before full time to process will require $100 rush fee!!!