Garment Samples

Why a consultation session?

Our commitment to providing development and garment manufacturing services for independent designers is our goal. For this reason, we offer consulting services to provide the necessary education for those looking to make their start in the industry.

Being prepared for production will save time and money as you work to grow your brand and ideas. It is a crucial first step for to our manufacturing experience. 

$25 -Consultation fee 

What to expect:

Consultations can be held face to face, or through a video chat with a member of our experienced staff. Each consultation is held by an expert with years in the apparel industry. Bring your questions and they will effortlessly provide valuable insight they have accumulated over the years.  

In addition to being able to answer questions you may have they will also go over guidelines for the development/manufacturing process, sourcing, legalities and much more!


We are able to work from either a prototype or an illustration. These are a must before any of our designers are able to go to production.



Creating a sample is a necessary step in preparing for manufacturing. With a sample you are able to test the fit of your garment, the shape, the way your fabrics drape etc. 




Grading is the step of the development process where we translate your base pattern across your size range so that you can take for your own personal use. 



Once the first samples are made we are able to know exactly how many can be produce within the one hour. 

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Custom turnaround is 7-14 business. *Anything needed sooner is an $50 rush fee*


Alteration turnaround 3-5 business days.

*Anything needed sooner is an $20 rush fee*


Gowns custom turnaround 30 business days

Anything needed sooner is an $100 rush fee*


Gown Alterations turnaround 7-14 business days.

*Anything needed sooner is $50 rush fee 


Please note the time clock does not start until We have a deposit if applicable as well as supplies to complete project. 


Please note We can not meet deadlines without a payment and supplies to complete project.